4 Instagram Hacks you need to know

4 Instagram Hacks you need to know

Do you know all the little tricks and hacks for Instagram. Over the years I learned a few things myself and for anyone starting out with Instagram or wanting to up their Insta game, I wrote down my most used ones or the ones, I think you just need to know. Is it to make your account more personal, stand out more, or just easy ways how to navigate through the app. So let’s just jump right into it.

How to change your highlights cover without publishing it in your story

Maybe you already know this but if not: you can change your highlight covers without having to add the image to your story first. It’s really simple and an Instagram hack I just had to share as I still see a lot of people not knowing about this.

  1. Go to your highlight you wish to edit.
  2. Click on your highlight and go to “More” -> “Edit Highlight”-> “Edit Cover”
  3. Now you can choose from your stories or go to your pictures on your phone and add it as a highlight cover.

It’s that easy. This way you don’t have to do stories with just your covers. Once you wanna change them up, you can just go into your highlights and edit them directly.

How to get to your stories

I don’t know who has to hear this, but there are several ways you can get to your story screen. At the moment there are 4 ways how you can create and upload your stories on Instagram. They are all only available in the app and not on your desktop version.

  1. If you are on your home feed just swipe right and your story screen opens up.
  2. On your home feed in the top left corner, you have before all the stories from the people you follow your own stories. If you haven’t added any stories at the mo it’s a black circle with a plus. Just click on it.
  3. Go to your own Instagram profile. Click on your profile picture and you’re taken to your story screen.
  4. On your own Instagram profile in the top right corner, there is a plus. Tap it and a menu opens where you can choose to add a story.

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How to edit your Instagram Reels Caption

The newest addition to the Instagram family are Reels. Like most people, I just had to try them out and I find them quite cool, especially with all the music options and filters you get. You can either post them in your reel tab or simultaneously add it to your main feed.

But what if you made a spelling mistake or wanna add something to your caption? If you are on your main feed, it first looks like you can’t re-edit your caption but don’t panic! You can still edit it. You have to change to your Reels feed. Open your video in the Reel tab and then you can edit your caption through the tree dots as usual.

Using special fonts in your bio, caption or stories

Ever wondered how you can add that special font to your text. This is another Instagram Hack I love to use from time to time! I’ll show you three ways on how you can add them to your Insta.

  1. Download an app especially for fonts and then add the fonts to your keyboard. Now you can switch your font up easily and quickly. I use for example: Fonts Art and just use their free fonts.
  2. For stories, I often create them in a different app. There there are a bunch of fonts to choose from. If you are interested to see how I do this, read my post here.
  3. Via text editing websites you can translate your text into a new font. I like to use IGFonts.io as it shows you the fonts that will be readable with any device.

Instagram Hacks for everyone

From the get-go, I shared my tips and tricks or my knowledge which I learned while blogging and with the years, I also included more INsatgram related things. So I just could not share these ones and I hope they are helpful to you. I’d love to see or hear if you knew them already or if you have any of your own Instagram Hacks. Leave them down below in the comments.


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