48 Hours in Berlin

Last weekend I went on a very short trip to Berlin, in fact, it was just about 48 hours long. Today I am going to show and tell you about all the spots we visited and what you definitely should put on your travel list when visiting Berlin.


First stop was at a beautiful street called the Kastanienallee. There are many old German houses, which were very typical of Berlin. It just looks so nice and makes for some beautiful backdrops too. On the street, there are many small cafes and restaurant so we went and ate at a burger place which had some delicious jalapeño burgers and chilli cheese fries (I am afraid I can’t remember the name of the restaurant but I’ll try to find out).

Alexanderplatz & Bikini Berlin

Another must-see is the Alexanderplatz with the tv tower and all it’s shopping malls and the world clock. We did a little shopping at the Alexa shopping mall. Also, Bikini Berlin is quite a cool shopping spot. There are a lot of smaller brands, more alternative stores – it’s great to find some beautiful jewellery, a funky souvenir or just a nice new shirt or other cloth.

Sushi Circle

If you are a sushi lover like me then definitely have dinner at the Sushi Circle. They have a few restaurants all over Berlin and after 4 in the afternoon they serve all-you-can-eat sushi. Either you are seated at the sushi conveyor belt or at a table and you can pick all your sushi yourself. They have everything you wish for – nigiri, maki, dim sum, uramaki etc. – and it’s such good quality.

Böse Buben Cafe

For a Sunday brunch, we went to the Böse Buben (bad boys) cafe. It was so delicious and a totally instagramable place as you can see from my pictures. I went for a fresh mint tea, fresh orange juice and an egg omelette with goat cheese and honey accompanied by some bread and a small salad. My friends had some scrambled eggs and pancakes. We were quite lucky as I think with the rain not that many people were out and about but if you wanna make sure you have a table, you should make a reservation.

Brandenburger Tor & Reichstag

When walking around Berlin make sure to stop by the Brandenburger Tor for an obligatory holiday picture and go have a look at the Reichstag. You can go inside and up to the top where there is a glass dome but you have to book your tickets in advance otherwise there is no chance you’ll make it in.

Cathedral, Gendarmen Market, University

Berlin has many impressive buildings to offer and around every corner, there’s something new to see. Have a walk around the Gendarmen Market, see the Law University and have a look around the cathedral.

Holocaust Memorial & Checkpoint Charlie

It was my second time in Berlin and as my friend was there for her first time, the Holocaust Memorial was definitely something you have to have seen. It’s impressive all those stone blocks and a really special atmosphere when wandering around in this stone field. There is a museum right next to it or in fact, there are a few museums regarding the Holocaust, second world war, cold war or about Berlin etc.. Make sure to see one as they are all quite informative and very interesting. A second thing which is quite cool is Checkpoint Charlie, former American check-point, where everybody was controlled who wished to pass from west to east Berlin and vice versa.

House of Small Wonder

If you’re a foodie like me you have to visit house of small wonder. It’s a cute café where you can get a delicious brunch. It’s a little bit hidden and you wouldn’t think it would be this cosy inside but once you go up those stairs it’s the perfect green oasis. We actually went there in the early afternoon and as we already had breakfast we ordered some small sandwiches and cake.

Just look at this chocolaty delight. The cake was so yummy – a chocolate almost truffel like cake with chocolate sauce on top and a side of berries and cream. It can’t get any better! And my ginger and lemon tea was delicous too – you could see and eat the fits greated ginger and lemon after you emptied your drink. The cheesecake my friend had is just as yummy and all those salads, egg omlettes etc. we saw around us being eaten if I had more time I would definetly had gone back there for a real brunch!

Hakeschen Höfe

The last tip from my dear friend was for us to go and have a wander around the Hakeschen Höfe.  There are many small shops to have a look at and just the building with it’s different facades are beautiful to see.

A trip to remember

So this concludes my 48 hours in Berlin. It was a lovely weekend and you can see so many things just by walking around! Berlin has so much history and even though it has been my second time visiting I think there is still lots more to see and do.

I hope you had fun reading my little guide as to what to do in Berlin and hopefully, you get the chance to go and see it all for yourself.

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  1. Berline looks amazing! I really want to visit there x