8 Things you need to know about Uni Life #BacktoUni

I love reading about tips for Uni on other blogs so I thought I throw some of my advice in too. I am in my final year of Uni and I had a blast so far. From moving out, to finding new friends and doing a major I love. Here are 8 of my thoughts and tips on Uni life.

Choosing your major & your University: Before everything else you need to choose your major. Do what interests you most and what you can see yourself doing for 3 or more years. Then have a look at Universities which offer your course and choose at which one you feel most comfortable. Apply and hope for the best. You can do it the other way around first choose the Uni and then a course they offer. At the end it just has to feel right for you. I’m doing my major in communication since it’s something I can see myself doing as full time work and it really fascinates me.

The first day: Don’t panic! At most Unis they offer a day previous to the semester where you go around the places and have your first interaction with other students. So at your first day, just go with the flow. There are hundreds of other new students which are in the same situation as you. Just go to your lectures and everything else will fall in line.

New people: I didn’t know anybody in my course. So I just sat down next to a girl in my lecture and started talking to her. It takes some courage, I have to say, but once you do the first step you will have someone to talk to and don’t feel alone no more. And if it turns out you don’t click with that person right away, there are a lot of lectures and even more opportunities to get to know new people.


Being your own boss: At Uni they always say: It’s up to you if you go to your lectures, at the end of the semester there’s the exam and that’s the only time you have to turn up. I love being able to decide if I wanna go to a lecture or not. In my opinion you have to figure out for yourself where it’s best to be present and where you can go over your course work at home. I go most of the times to all my lectures not only to see my friends but a lot of them I’m just really interested in and the others give you important details which you can’t find in your slides.

Moving out: Some people move in to student homes right from the start. I decided not to rush. I had the luxury to only live an hour train journey away from Uni. But it put a strain on me with time and I just wanted to be able to go out with my friends and not worry about a train to catch to get home etc. So at the end of my first semester I started looking at shared flats. I went to a lot of castings and in the end I found the right match (I still live in the same flat, so that just shows I chose right). I live with 5 other student, all different majors and ages, and we get on very well. You might have from time to time some issues with one thing or another when sharing a flat, just go up that person and discuss it. Most of the times it al will be resolved in minutes or you just have to live with it until your flat mate moves out.


Friends: Last but not least friends. I found some of my closest friends at Uni. I think it’s always a little bit down to luck but also if you have the same major you have similar interests which get you closer together. At my Uni you do some courses where it’s compulsory to attend them every week. There I found 3 of my closest friends. We just clicked from the start and since then our friendship has just grown and grown. I wouldn’t want to miss them for the world! They are there if I have any questions about homework, they are my study buddies during exam period and they are my party gang.

Fun: it’s simple but yes have fun! Enjoy yourself and let your hair down from time to time. Not everything has to be taken so serious. The world doesn’t end if you miss a lecture or didn’t read that text for your next class. As long as this won’t turn to a regular thing you are save. Know when you can cut yourself some slack and when you really have to be on it.

So those are some of my thoughts and tips about Uni life. It’s a new chapter in your life and if you choose right it will turn out to become some of your best years. But if you’re not feeling happy with your choice:

Wrong choices: If you have problems with your major and not enjoying yourself, switch or look for something completely different. Uni is not for everybody and don’t be afraid to leave it behind if it isn’t for you. If you don’t like your flat at all, move out and search for a new one. You have so many opportunities if you’re not happy. What ever bothers you try to get rid of it, speak to your parents or friends they have some good advice too.

I hope it gave you some insight to how it is at University and might have enlightened you about the one thing or other. I really liked writing this post since it made me think and remember about my experience at Uni and how much I enjoy it.

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