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A Pinterest Inspired Upside Down Braid Hair Tutorial

A Pinterest Inspired Upside Down Braid Hair Tutorial

How to do a Upside Down Braid

I’ve seen these Upside Down Braids a lot on Pinterest lately and so I thought I give it a go. It’ s such an easy way to take your Topknot to the next level and done under 10 min. So let’s get started.

Upside Down Braid

  • Flip your head over
  • Start doing a Dutch Braid
  • Keep on adding hair strands from each side until you’re above the ears
  • Tie the Upside Down Dutch Braid together
  • Now you can flip your head up again and finish off with a Topknot

See how easy that was? I think this might be the new way how I style my Topknot. I went out the other night with my Upside Down Braid and got so lovely comments and compliments.  This hair style is definitely an eye-catcher since I don’t see many girls wearing an Upside Down Braid.

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I hope you enjoyed my hair tutorial and let me know if you give it a try too. Thanks for stopping by,  don’t forget to like and subscribe if you aren’t already a part off this little family here. Have a lovely day and a good weekend, xx

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