A trip to Mount Rigi – my Switzerland

This year I am going to explore more of my beautiful Switzerland and starting it off was a trip to Mount Rigi.

With the train to Luzern

Taking the train from Zurich main station to Luzern, you arrive in about an hour in the city. Luzern itself has many things to offer so, if you haven’t been there you might wanna plan one or two hours for sightseeing like the Chapel Bridge, walking around the old town for some shopping or strolling along the side walk at the lake.

A boat ride over to Vitznau

Then we took the boat from Luzern to Vitznau. As it was such a beautiful day, a boat ride was the perfect way to go to Vitznau where you take the cogwheel railway up the mountain. The scene from the lake where just breathtaking and even with a little fog it all looked so mystical with its snowy mountain trails. The views you get on a more or less bright day are stunning and typical for Switzerland with its mountain ranges. Pro Tip: Buy yourself some lunch to snack on the boat.

The cogwhell railway up mount Rigi

From the boat station in Vitznau to the cogwheel railway station, it’s only a few meters. And it is really hard to miss as you won’t be the only ones taking the train up Mount Rigi. Just follow everybody else and you’ll find it for sure.

Going up the cogwheel railway you make yourself prepared for some awesome views. Climbing Mount Rigi meter by meter you get to see a beautiful panorama. If you go straight up to the top you see both sides but we opted to jump of the train at the station “Kaltbad”.

For the next few hours, we relaxed at the Mineralbad & Spa Rigi Kaltbad. On their website they claim you “bathe in a fairy tale setting with a breathtaking view of the Alps” and it’s true. They have an indoor pool area and an outdoor pool too. Spa wise they have quite a big steam room, a Christal bath and a sauna. You can also buy massage packages etc. before you enter. We were there for about 3 hours relaxing in the pools and steam room. We caught quite nice weather so it was warm and sunny outside and we could actually even sunbath a little bit.

Up to the top of Mount Rigi

After our Spa trip we caught the cogwheel train up to the top. I mean if you can’t tell from all the pictures – the view is stunning! You see the Alps from so many different angles and depending on the time of year you’re visiting there might be a little bit of snow too.

I loved our trip to Mount Rigi. Make sure to go on a relatively sunny, clear day as you don’t wanna miss all the beautiful scenery that is presented to you but other than that, you can go at any time of the year. For the ones that like a little bit of a relaxing activity, definitely check out the Mineralbad & Spa Rigi Kaltbad. And pack some snacks and water. We even got freshly pressed apple juice from the market in Luzern.

Until next time, xx


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