Beautiful curls with the BaByliss curl styler luxe


20 min for a whole head of curls – sounds too good to be true? Well, there’s a new product in town and it gives you beautiful curls: the curl styler luxe from BaByliss (ad-pr sample).

Last week, I took part in my first online blogger event and who knew it was the biggest online blogger event from Switzerland up to this day. Anyways, the lovely team from Contcept and BaByliss showed us the new curl styler and I was quite eager to try it out myself. So I’ve thrown together a blog post walking you through everything you need to know about the new curl styler luxe.

BaByliss curl styler luxe

From the first sight you could say it looks like a curling wand and a straightner had a baby. But it’s not quite like that. In the center you have your Quartz-Ceramic plates that heat up the hair. On the outside are channels with the cool-air technology that blows out cool air to set your curl. Using it is like you would use a straightner to do your curls. Grab a hair strand between the plates, then turn your curler 360° degrees. Now you can pull it down the hair and you are left with a beautiful curl. If it’s your first time, don’t panic. With a little practice you’ll have your curls in no time.

If you wanna see me use the curl styler luxe from Babyliss, I have a clip on my Instagram.

Fresh curls in 20 min

How do you like my curls? It literally took me about 20 min to do my whole head. For reference, with a normal curling wand, it would take me at least 45 min to an hour as I have a lot, a lot of hair! And the best thing, thanks to the cold air, the curls are already set once I have run through them with my curler. No need to lay them or hold them in place until they cool down, cause they are already cold.

I haven’t used any products after I curled my hair. I just leave them be and they do drop over the course of the day a little but at the end of the day, my hair is still very curly.

Top Tip: If you want more of a wave, just use bigger chunks of hair to curl at once. It will give you a very loose curl and your hair will look like natural beach waves.

I think I have rambled on quite a bit now and you get the gist of it. The BaByliss curl styler luxe is a great product and in my eyes the perfect addition to your everyday hair routine if you love giving your hair some texture, waves or curls and don’t wanna spend an hour on achieving it.

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