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Quick & easy Nail Art with these beautiful Nail Wraps from Miss Sophie’s

Quick & easy Nail Art with these beautiful Nail Wraps from Miss Sophie’s

Miss Sophie's Nail Wraps

So this year I just couldn’t resist and had to get myself an Advent Calendar. But not any Beauty Advent Calendar, a Nail Wraps Calendar (from Miss Sophie’s) and I’m in love! I’ve known about Nail Wraps for some time but been always a little sceptical about them. How could I’ve just been this sceptical? Since I opened my first day of my Advent Calendar  I had some Nail Wraps on every single day!

My Advent Calendar is from the German brand called Miss Sophie’s. They do the nicest Nail Wraps and their quality is amazing! I had mine on for over a week at a time and they looked so good from the beginning to the end.


Here’s a quick tutorial on how to apply them and make the most out of them.

  • Obviously I had to go with those wintery Nail Wraps – Nordic Winter. Take them out of the “bag” and peal of the protective layer. While your nails with some nail polish remover for a clean surface.
  • Now try to place your Nail Wrap as centered on your nail as possible. Those Nail Wraps are so sticky so you really just get one chance. Then press the Nail Wrap down, starting at the middle and pressing outwards. You should be left with a smooth surface with no bumps and lumps.

  • You can see I had a lot of excess Nail Wrap left. Flip it down and then remove it gently with a nail file.
  • What’s left to do is, add a Top Coat and you’re done.

The Result

I’m so impressed with Miss Sophie’s beautiful Nail Wraps. I either use them as an accent nail design or as a full set. I couldn’t help myself since they included a little gift card and ordered myself two of their marble designs.

I really am so impressed with them. They look amazing and sooooo real, have a great feel to them and last up to two weeks or even longer. The girls over at Miss Sophie’s always include a cute little personal note which is so nice and lovely.

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So did I convert you to a Nail Wrap Enthusiasts? I for sure am one! You definitely haven’t seen the last of them on my blog.

PS: On my Insta Story you’ll see what I get every day in my Advent Calendar.

Have a good day and enjoy your Advent Calendars, xx

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  • Wow! The marble ones came out amazing! I have a tough time with nail wraps as I find them to always chip really quickly :/ These ones sound fab! I’ll have to see if they’re available in the US 🙂

    Mili | Sharmtoaster

    • I can’t stop starring at my nails, they still look as good as when I put them on. Yes, have a look if they ship to the US. They really are worth their money!

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