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Bloggers that Inspire Me

Bloggers that Inspire Me

Bloggers that Inspire Me

I felt like sharing some blogger love – so here come some of my fave blogs and Insta accounts. I already did a post on some of my fave blogs here but there are many more. So here it goes: Oh and just to warn you I have really been into fashion lately. But other than that these 5 blogs are truly inspiring and just awesome like the people behind them!


Sinead Crowe

Well where shall I beginn. Her blog and Insta are both absolutely dreamy, like just heavenly! I could look at them all day long. She is as a fashion & lifestyle blogger and her sense of style is amazing. The way she combines cloth is just perfect and I get so much inspiration from her. Oh and did you know that all the pictures of here are photographed by her mother or sister?! They look so professional! Maybe one day I have my family trained to her standard and I will get as great pictures as hers. Other than her fashion post, she also shares blogging tips, home decor and other lifestyle posts. Make sure to check this lovely lady out on her blog: Love Style Mindfulness & her Insta: @sineadcrowe.


Hannah Gale

Again more on the fashion side, but here Insta is so colourful, her dresses are always so gorgeous and here bag collection, I want them all! But not only her Insta is full of inspiration, she’s also an all-round blogger and you can find many different posts on her blog. Clearly her fashion post are great but her posts about life are it too. I love her way of writing. It’s like she’s talking to you and has a witty way of saying things. See for yourself here: Blog – Hannah Gale & Insta – @hannahfgale.


Posh Style

First I have to say that Anna is an Austrian blogger and her posts are written in German. But I just could not not mention here! I came across her Insta one day and have been a fan ever since. So I was so happy when I discovered that she also has a blog. She talks beauty, sport and fashion over on her blog and her Insta is a reflection of it. Her photographs are stunning as is she. I love her photography and her colour palette. Find her over at Poschstyle & @poschstyle.


Gracie Francesca

What’s not to like about her! She’s such a fierce woman and she speaks her mind! You want an advice about life, she’s the one to go to and did I forget her style! She recently got some braids and her new found love for fashion is so nice to look at. Amazing outfits with an amazing person behind it. I follow her on every social media Twitter (her comments on LoveIsland are just hilarious!) Youtube, Insta & the blog. I could rammble on about her all day long as she is a person I look up to and she has achieved so many great things already in life (can’t wait to read her book). Make sure to go and check her out! Blog – Gracie Francesca, Insta – @gracefvictory & Twitter @GraceFVictory.


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Vix meldrew

If you are after some dating advice or a giggle, Vix Meldrew’s blog is the place for you! I think I have to thank Twitter for finding her. From the first post on I was into her blog. She doesn’t avoid any subject or word and her dating life is just hilarious! Whenever I  need a pick me up I visit her blog and it certainly lifts my mood when I read about the newest dating trends, funny sex stories or a heartfelt post about life in general. Oh and as if this wasn’t enough her Insta is great too. You should have a look at Vix! Blog- Vix Meldrew & Insta – @vixmeldrew.


So these are my 5 bloggers that inspire me on a daily basis! I get so many ideas and I generally just like reading their posts. and looking through their pictures. Also knowing that they started small and now achieved so many things – it makes me wanna give my best too.

Who are your favourite bloggers? Let me know as I’m always looking for new blogs or Instas.

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