Chrome/ Mirror Nails without gel

Jumping on the bandwagon with this nail art design: I am doing mirror or chrome nails. But wait for it: you don’t need any gels just your regular nail polish! Since not anyone has a gel kit at home I thought I would try to get the chrome look with using normal black nail polish and some top coat.


Apply a base coat to protect your nails from staining. Then move on to the black nail polish. I went with the gel nail polish in black from essence. Let it dry completely. Now to the fun part: Take out your chrome pigments. The “glitter” has to be a pigment or some kind of dust otherwise the pieces will be too big and to0 rough to get that mirror surface! Take an eye shadow applicator (those spongy ones) and start rubbing in the pigment. I went with a silver pigment which I got from the internet cause I couldn’t find any in my local stores.


As you can see I only did my ring finger, middle finger and my thumb with the pigment. For the other two, I went with a baby blue nail colour. I used Barry M Eat My Dust. Just look at how well they go together with the silver and the blue.

Now on to the most tricky part of the whole nail art design (in my opinion anyway). You have your shiny mirror surface but to make it a long lasting design you need to top coat it. And just let me tell you it wasn’t easy to find the right top coat. With some top coats, the pigment turned to glitter dust on my nails. No more mirror nails for me I thought. But finally, I found the one top coat that worked with my chrome pigments perfectly together: the regular manhattan top coat. So I went over my mirror nails with this one and the mirror surface remained without losing any shine.


This isn’t the easiest nail art I did, I have to admit. But when you get around on finding the top coat that works with your chrome pigments and get rid of all the glitter dust (oh yes your hands will be covered in glitter), you’ll have a beautiful design which is on trend and looks fabulous! I for my part can’t stop staring at them.


I hope I gave you an insight on how to do your mirror nails without a gel kit and have fun trying it out yourself.

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