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My Collaboration with Coconut Lane

My Collaboration with Coconut Lane

Collaboration with Coconut Lane and all about becoming a Coconut Queen

Hi there my lovely people, today I’m back with a somewhat different post. Cause I’ve been working on something for a while now and I’m finally ready to show it to you guys. So, I’ve become a Coconut Queen! And it’s such a cool opportunity that I want it to share with you.

A couple of weeks back I was approached by the lovely girls at Coconut Lane on getting involved with their brand. After a good look at their sheme and what it means working with Coconut Lane, it was time to become one of their Coconut Queens. I am so happy to be working with Coconut Lane as I love what they stand for.

Why I chose Coconut Lane

I love to support small businesses and let’s face it every store that consists off great quotes, marble things and pink just knows the way to my heart. One point I wanna highlight is the fact, that they don’t look at numbers but on engagement and if you truly resonate with their brand. So even small bloggers like me get a chance to work with them!

Shopping at Coconut Lane

Now let’s have a look what I’ve got myself from their online shop. (Quick disclaimer: I did buy them myself, but thanks to collaborating with Coconut Lane I get a discount). Like I said their range of products has so many marble and pink things but actually all their products are amazing! I love their prints and laptop cases, so I naturally had to get both things.

When I got my parcel I went straight to the prints. Their prints really are high quality. Meaning they are printed on thick paper and depending on which one you get, they even can be glossy. I could have got nearly all of their prints and might have to get some more anyways but I went with the 4 P’s print and the Namastay in bed wall art .

Now my laptop was in dear need for a new case! When I saw that they now stock their marble cases in a rose gold shade I knew this one was for me! Like the prints, their cases are high quality and although they are on the pricer side it’s definitely worth the money. I literally throw my laptop in my bag with just the case on and it hasn’t got a scratch yet. I defintiley can’t recommend their laptop cases enough! Oh and did I mention that it is matte <3.

When I saw that they stock notebooks I had a quick snoop around. Sometimes a notebook is just good to have a round for notes like ideas for new blog posts. My notebook totally fits into my whole pink and marble theme. It has a nice size and what can you say for less that a 5er, it’s a bargain.

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What’s innit for you

Now most of you surely wanna know what’s innit for you guys. So first of I have a Discountcode for you: with LEAINSTA20 you get 20 % off your purchase at the checkout. The second thing is a giveaway. It’s not today but keep your eyes peeled as it will happen in the near future over at this blog and on my Instagram.

Collaboration with Coconut Lane and all about becoming a Coconut Queen

I hope you get to like Coconut Lane as much as I do or maybe you already know all about them. Let me know in the comments down below. I’d love to hear your thoughts on my post.

Have a lovely day and enjoy shopping at Coconut Lane. xx

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