Creating a Gallery Wall for your home

I recently moved flats and that means, a whole lot of new opportunities to decorate the new space. And the one thing I really, really want is a gallery wall. So when I was approached by Photowall for a collaboration I just had to say yes!

I always wanted to create my own gallery wall and now that I have a huge plain white wall, I can. So here is where Photowall comes in. It’s a Swedish brand that offers prints, posters, wall murals, and wallpaper. They have a huge selection on their website and they gifted me one poster. I for sure had a hard time choosing just one picture to get. After some time browsing on their website, it was between an abstract art piece and a nature shot. Taking into consideration what my boyfriend had to say, in the end, we went with this beautiful piece of art: Dark Earth.

Dark, darker, Dark Earth

I could stare at this scene where the dark sand meats the sea all day long. It’s very captivating and with the large size we have gone for, there are so many details to notice. I love the sea and there where many beautiful pictures of white sand, blue sky and turquoise water to choose from but this rather dark and gloomy picture just stood out. It’s something different and although it might look like a rough sea, it has a calming vibe to it.

We got the poster version with the hanger and the size we went for was 150 x 210 cm. It’s the biggest size you can get. Thanks to our high ceilings it meant that we could go as big as possible. The quality is amazing. The colours really deliver and the hanger is so easy to put together. The delivery time was under 1 week and everything came nicely packaged and unharmed. Also, the whole process of ordering on their site is really straight forward and you’re done in minutes. Anyhow, I just leave you with some pictures here and you can decide for yourself, how you’re liking it.

And they kindly provided me with a Code for you all for a month where you get 25% off on any order from their site.

Planing a Gallery Wall

We started with a pretty big picture and we left our second painting (the red one) hanging just beside it. I am planning on getting some smaller pictures to put up on the right side of the wall. Might even take some from my bedroom and rearrange some things but I am in no hurry. The first step for my gallery wall is done and now I can fill up the other empty space.

And for any help and inspiration, I often turn to my fave place Pinterest, where I also created a board to collect any cool gallery walls and pictures I might wanna add to my collection.

I hope to up date this post soon with my progress and some new tips I learn on the way. It’s my first post on home decorating but I’ll leave you with a link to all my other lifestyle related posts.

Adding more Frames to my Gallery Wall

Well, that went quicker than expected. I couldn’t resist and had to order some more pictures to continue my gallery wall. Photowall was so kind to do another collaboration, so I have my second nature print from them: Rainforest. Then I went on to Juniqe for some smaller print, which would complement the already existing ones.

We have the Red A, Butterfly Print, Grass and the Girl on the Bike. Before starting on hammering nails into the wall, I placed everything out on the floor to see how it all matched. And if I needed to change anything, the space between them etc. In the end I also added a mirror, I got ages ago in H&M as I thought it would make a great addition to the gallery wall.

Then it was time to measure everything on the wall. Staring with my Rainforest print I worked my way around every picture and hung them one by one. Always taking my time with the placement. It helps if you have another person, who from time to time will give their opinion. They might see something you forgot or can help you mounting the big frames.

I love how it all turned out! The space is filling up quickly and I already have the next prints to get in my mind. So let’s see how long it will stay this way. But anyhow for now this is it.


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