DIY Flower Crown – Winter edition

I love beautiful Flower Crowns. I had to do one for the Beauty Magazine I work for and it was just to good not to share. I picked up a lovely bunch of winter flowers at our local supermarket and did a little DIY.

In 6 steps to your Flower Crown

  1. You need a wire hair band (DIY or from a crafts store), a small green wire to wrap around the flowers and not to forget the winter flowers!! I bought mine in our supermarket.
  2. Cut the flowers to your liking and place them around the hair band wire. This way you can get a feel for how it could look at the end. (My winter flowers and twigs were about 8 cm long.)How to do a DIY Flower Hair Band
  3. Take one bundle of twigs and flowers, place it along the outside of the hair band wire.How to do a DIY Flower Hair Band
  4. Now wrap the thin green wire around your flower bundle and the hair ring. !Don’t cut the green wire off once the bundle is secure!How to do a DIY Flower Hair Band
  5. Just continue with the second bundle of twigs. Place it over the part where we secured the first bundle and keep on wrapping the green wire tightly around the flowers and the hair band.How to do a DIY Flower Hair Band
  6. Once you reached your starting point again, you can cut the wire. Make sure everything is secure and looks neat. Maybe you need to tuck on some twigs and winter flowers. And viola there you have your DIY Flower Crown.How to do a DIY Flower Hair Band

The results

I ended up pairing my Winter Flower Crown with this cute white dress and some tights. I think this makes a great Christmas Outfit. With your personalized Flower Crown you’ll be stealing everyone the show.  Or maybe you know someone how would love to receive their own Flower Crown as a gift.

How to do a DIY Flower Hair Band

How to do a DIY Flower Hair Band

Thanks for stopping by and giving it a read. I’d love to hear if you would try this at home yourself.

Have a lovely day, xx

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