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DIY Tassel Earrings

DIY Tassel Earrings

DIY Tassel Earrings

Have you seen those tassel earrings floating around in the blogging world, Instagram and other social media? Well I noticed them and decided to do some DIY tassel earrings.

How do make your own tassel earrings

You don’t need much for your DIY tassel earrings. Some tassels from the home decor shop or art supply store will do. I actually got mine from my mum as she had some spear ones she didn’t need (don’t know where she got them from). And let’s not forget something you can hang your tassels onto! I went into town and found in my local h&m shop those cute earrings in the sale – yay.

So now you got your supplies, let’s get this DIY going. My tassels already had loops but they were to big. They just needed to have a very small loop to fiddle the end of my ear studs through. So I made a tighter knot and cut the spare thread.

Then it was time to choose the matching earrings. I paired my white tassels with some cream ear studs and the navy blue ones with those gorgeous black studded ones.

What’s left to do is to thread the end of your earrings through the loop of your tassels and you’re done.

I really like how they turned out and it was dead easy to do. My DIY tassel earrings have the perfect length for me but if you need or want them shorter you can easly cut them to your desired length. Just make sure to use some sharp scissors for a cleaner look.


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How do you like my tassel earrings? Would you wear them? I like to pair them with a simple look to jazz it all up or they really do look good with a off the shoulder top!

Enjoy your day my lovelies and don’t forget to follow me on here and my other social media:  Bloglovin’ / Instagram / Twitter / FB. xx

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