First impressions: Kat von D, Too Faced, Benefit, Real Techniques & Soap and Glory

Well I have been shopping in London and one thing that was on my list was, to get my hands on some Kat von D makeup. And there might have been some more cheeky purchases! Like a benefit highlighter, Too Faced mascara, a new brush and some skincare products from Soap and Glory. If you wanna read my other post of what I’ve been wearing in London click here. But let’s jump right into it and I’ll tell you my first impression of each product.

Kat von D

This is definitely a case of “bloggers made me buy it”. And oh boy how glad am I that I did buy them?! First I got myself the Kat von D liquid lipstick in Lolita. It really is a  gorgeous nude colour and stays on your lips for hours and hours. And it’s matte so that’s a winner for me anyways. My first impression was just how easy it glides on your lips and you don’t notice that you’ve put anything on your lip which is a big plus too.

Now I didn’t actually need another contour kit but well, why not?! As I have very light skin it isn’t always easy to find a good contour shade that doesn’t make me look like a clown. The Shade + Light Contour Palette from Kat von D is just bloody amazing. Totally the right shades, you only need a little bit to have a good contour going on! So I’m more than happy that I got myself the contour palette. In addition I really like that the shades don’t look orange on me, which was the case with some previous contour palettes. It just looks really natural.

Too Faced

Moving on to my new mascara. I haven’t tried a new mascara for years and years. Always went with my Rimmle one but as I heared so much about the Too Faced Better than Sex mascara, I really wanted to give it a try. I went with the waterproof version as I need a waterproof mascara for my trip to Mexico – (yay already so excited for it). So what do is my first impression: It is as good as everyone said it was. Definitely gonna repurchase it! It’s staying on power is just great and my lashes look amazing!


I do love me some highlighter! This cute little Benefit’s highlighter was just something I felt like throwing in my basked too. It was only 5£ and I can see myself getting loads out of it. You only need a tiny bit for a nice glow and I’ve been wearing it every day. Never tried a wet highlighter but the high beam highlighter from Benefit is just the nicest to apply and work with.

Soap and Glory

I’ve always been a fan of Soap and Glory but never actually went for their skin care bits. I needed a new face serum and while at it I picked up an eye and an over night cream too. The serum (make yourself youthful super serum) and the overnight cream (beauty sleep accelerator) smell amazing. It’s a really fresh scent and they sink into your skin so beautifully. The eye cream (make yourself youthful rejuvenating  eye cream) is really gentle and leaves my my skin around the eyes hydrated all day long. My first impression is really pleasant and I’m excited to see how I will get on with them over the next few weeks.

Real Techniques

Finally my new makeup brush. I was in dear need of a new contour brush and this rose gold beauty is from Real Techniques. It’s from their Bold Metals collection and just amazing! It’s so soft but still dense. I could just sit there and brush my face with it all day long, it’s so calming. But seriously: it makes applying and blending my contour and highlight shades so easy. So glad I got it and totally worth the money (it was 22£)!

So that’s it. I think I’ve run out of words describing how amazing, beautiful and great I find all those products. I’m really pleased with each and everyone which, considering how many I got, is just fab. I hope you enjoyed my first “first impression” post and maybe you found something you wanna try out next time you’re in your drugstore too.

Let me know how you liked this post in the comments down below and tell me: Are you currently trying out new thins too? Which ones do you really like?

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First impressions: Kat von D, Too Faced, Benefit, Real Techniques & Soap and Glory


23 responses to “First impressions: Kat von D, Too Faced, Benefit, Real Techniques & Soap and Glory”

  1. Helene says:

    Amazing collection Lea! I don’t own any Kate von D yet but i would love to try them, they look gorgeous! I went to Sephora the other day and bought my self a cute benefit set with high beam inside. Loved it!

    • Lea says:

      Thanks Helene. I had some time using them now and I still love them they are amazing. Kat von D is definitely worth their money. High Beam is amazing isn’t it?! Such a cool product. xx

  2. This Real Techniques brush is super interesting to me! Looks like it could perfectly chisel out the cheeks. Plus, it’s afforable. I know what section I’m going to the next time I take a trip to the drugstore. Speaking of Soap & Glory, have you tried their Peaches and Cream Cleansing Milk? I’ve been OBSESSED with it since I bought it!

    with love, Jordyn |

    • Lea says:

      Oh no, I haven’t tried the Cleansing Milk. Need to get my hands on it asap! Next time my cleanser runs out I’ll try to get the Peaches and Cream Cleansing Milk. Thanks for the suggestion. xx

  3. Claire says:

    Interesting products you shared here!! I love Benefit products, I also have the Benefit pre-Mascara which is amazing. I love the packaging for ” better than sex” too faced one. I don’t own others and I haven’t tried contouring my face, but I want to try!

  4. Melissa says:

    I love Kat von D products. My all the time favorite is the tattoo liner. It’s just perfect! I still have to try Too faced products. I’ll give a try to that mascara!

    • Lea says:

      I hardly use any eyeliner but I hear so many good things about the tattoo liner! The mascara is amazing. Hope you’ll love it too. xx

  5. Ash says:

    Kat Von D is still on my to do list to try! Glad you loved it. Now, I’m gonna buy it for sure.

  6. Parie Joshi says:

    I really need to pick up some Kat Von D bits, so jealous! x

  7. Cynthia says:

    I have to say that I have never tried such products, but I was immediately drawn to them because of their design! Everything it’s perfectly crafted, the mirror, the water drops imitation, I think it’s awesome and beautiful! Looking forward to pics from México!

    • Lea says:

      Oh the packaging has to be amazing right?! It just makes me buy the product even more because the looks matter too, even if we don’t wanna admit it ;). xx

  8. Jenny says:

    Good review! I have heard a lot of people talk about soap and glory but never used it myself, I have tried benefit mascara before and really like their brand though

    • Lea says:

      I’ve always been a fan of Soap and Glory as they are such an affordable brand and they do amazing products too. Might have to try the benefit mascara next time too as so many are telling me about it. xx

  9. Abi Howard says:

    What a incredible haul! I’m a fellow pale girl so will definitely be checking out the Kat Von D contour palette. I’m also a massive fan of high beam 🙂 lovely review and look forward to more posts!

  10. Nice collection and very well written review. I am definitely gonna recommend mascara to more people 🙂

  11. Jaimi says:

    Ooh Like the look of that Kat Von D Lippy!

  12. elle says:

    i literally love the benefit high beam! but i just cant get on with the two faced mascara at all- for me it was so clumpy! x elle