Simple Nail Art Tutorial for dainty Floral Nails

Let me tell you, I have been waiting for ages to try these floral nails. In my advent calendar I got so many floral nail wraps and when I started painting my nails, I took them out then cupboard to create a floral nail design.

How to get floral nails

I painted two coats of the nude nail polish (trend It Up – 090) on each nail except the ring fingers. Those I let plain for the moment. I love the nail polish from trend It Up they wouldn’t need a top coat as they have a real shine to them.

Once the nail polish has dried, I moved on to the nail wraps. It’s really easy to apply them. Take the nail wraps out the package. Now place the nail foil on the nail as centre as possible. Press down firmly from the centre to the edge. The nail wrap will, most likely, overlap your nail, you can get rid of it with a nail file. Gently brush the nail file down the edge until the excess nail foil is off. Here’s another tutorial with pictures.

Seal in the design with your favourite top coat. Just look at these beautiful nail wraps. Miss Sophie’s do the best in my opinion and I can’t wait to use all of mine. I thought Sleeping Beauty was the perfect match to my nude nails and give my classy look a twist.


I’m in love with my new manicure. The floral nails might not seem fitting for those cold winter days but they brighten up my day when it’s all grey and gloomy outside.

Floral Nails

How are your nails looking at the mo? Do you use nail wraps too? Let me know in the comments down below and don’t forget to subscribe or follow me on Bloglovin’ to be the first to see my new blog posts.

Have good day my lovelies, xx

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2 responses to “Simple Nail Art Tutorial for dainty Floral Nails”

  1. Tereza says:

    Oh this is beautiful, I wish my nails grew a bit longer so I could use wraps as well, they are absolutely horrid at the moment. I love the colour you used with the wrap as well, really makes it pop! x