Gradient Aztec Nail Art

Whenever I get to do my nails again I want to do some more stamping. But a lot of times it’s just a struggle and I end up taking the nail design off. But today it all went well. And it’s even a gradient nail art design!


I used p2 Perfect Nude as a light base colour. For the pink gradient I went with OPI Pink Flamenco and Rose Against Time. They work really well together.


I applied both colours on to the stamping template, got rid of the excess nail polish and then picked it up with my clear jelly stamper.


I went over the nails twice with the aztec design since it made the colour appear more intense. With the clear jelly stamper it’s really easy to get the right position and angle to go over the design a second time. You see exactly where to place your stamper.


To clean up the edges I used a cotton pad and some nail polish remover. An alternative is to use some peal off latex around your nails.

dsc05353Seal in your design with a top coat and and your nail art will look even prettier. It was very hard to capture the whole design with my camera since the glossy top coat gave some reflection. But here are some more pictures and close ups.



I am really happy with this stamping nail art design. It may not be perfect but I am getting there. And we all know practice makes perfect.

Thanks for stopping by and giving my post a read or a look at my pictures. Have lovely day and until next time, xx

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