Grid Nails #nailart

It’s has been a long time coming. I wanted to do this nail art design for ages but never got around doing it. When I bought some new nail polish in the UK on my holidays I immediately knew they would be perfect for my grid nail art design!


Now on to the tutorial: It’s really simple. One coat of your favourite base coat. Then add a lilac nail polish. I went with Surfboard from BarryM. It such a beautiful lilac. I like it so much I’ve worn it continuously for 2 weeks.


Let the nail polish dry completely before doing the nail art. Either way you can use a black nail polish with a thin painting brush or toothpick or do it like me and go with a nail art pen (BarryM). It’s such an easy way on how to do your nail art. With a steady hand paint a grid design on your ring finger. If there are some wonky lines, just lightly correct them with some nail polish remover. But I can guarantee you the more you do free hand nail art the better it will turn out and the less you have to correct. It took me some time to get to the point I am now, where I can paint some nearly straight lines.


Wait until the black nail polish has dried. Otherwise when you top coat the nails the black will smudge and you can start all over again. So once it’s dry us your favourite top coat and your ready.DSC03653I have a feeling I’ll be wearing this nail design for as long as possible. It’s cute but also classy and goes with so many outfits and occasions. Have fun creating your own grid nails. As always you can use any colour combination!


Have a lovely day and bring on the weekend, xx

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