How I started my blog

I always admired the girls/women of the blogging scene. I thought they were so cool and wished I was as courageous as them to put myself out there, writing about what I love. But it took me some time to actually start my own blog and another while to be serious about it. Before we get on with my blogging story, I am now on Bloglovin’ too if you wanna start following me there as well.

So the first post I did was in 2014 and about my nails. Doing my nails is one of my hobbies and I thought sharing my insight on how to do nails would be great since all my friend always told me how cool my nails were, and how they’d love to be able do them just like mine. So I wrote my post and uploaded it. Not much happened, maybe 3 people looked at it but that was fine by me. I thought of it as an experiment and I kept going with another few posts about nails and baking. Then I stopped because of life and being busy doing other things.

Nearly 10 month past and I was well in to university studying communication and media. And one day I said to myself: if I really wanna do this and give blogging a serious go, it has to be now. Because in another year or so I don’t know where I am or what I am doing. It will never be a better time again. So I sat down, starting by moving my blog to, choosing a cool theme and writing a new post. From thereon I got my first real site traffic and gained my first followers and likes. It really was a great motivation to keep me going and being committed to blogging. I was writing about nails and cupcakes since baking is another passion of mine.

Datei 02_Fotor

So when Blogerize approached me about 3 month ago asking to do a collaboration, I was well happy and started working with them. They helped me get set up my self-hosted site and throughout a couple of weeks they designed a new theme for my blog according to my wishes. I am so pleased with how my blog turned out and whether I had questions, they answered them or fixed any problems I had. They came to me at the right time and going self-hosted was just what I wanted plus having a customized theme is just the best.

Now here I am, blogging away happily and trying to better myself with every content I’m getting out there. I am only at the beginning and hopefully you will see a lot more of me and all the snippets of my life.

Have a lovely day and thanks for giving it a read, xxx


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