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How to do Glitter Nails which are easy to take off

How to do Glitter Nails which are easy to take off

How to do Glitter Nails which are easy to take off

We all love Glitter Nails and the more glitter the better but oh boy do we hate having to take them off afterwards. But no worries I have the solution for a all glitter nail design which will take no time to get it off when you wanna change it up again.

All you need is a Peel-Off base coat, your favorite glitter nail polish and a top coat.

Nail Polish

  • I’ve you haven’t already got a Peel-Off base coat I strongly suggest you get one! Instead off using a regular base coat use the peel-off one. Let it dry completely.
  • Then take your glitter nail polish. I used A Cut Above from Essie. Paint one coat on.
  • Now onto getting as much glitter on your nails as possible without covering them in a 100 layers of nail polish. Take a sponge and get some glitter polish on there. What the sponge does is, it absorbs the liquid and leaves you with just the glitter particles.


  • Sponge the glitter on your nails it might take one or two layers but then you should have the most glittery nails in the world.
  • As a last step take your top coat and seal in the design.

Now you have your glitter nails but I promised you there was no fuss with getting all the glitter off again. With the Peel-Off base coat you just need to lift a corner from your glitter design and then you simply peel it off!


See quick, easy and done in no time. Over are the days where you soak your nails for hours in acetone and it still would be a total mess.

Now you know how to get your nails full packed in glitter without painting 10 layers on. And taking it off is done in minutes.

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