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How to get cool Space Buns #AHalloweenSpecial

How to get cool Space Buns #AHalloweenSpecial

How to do Space Buns

I’m not the one dressing up for Halloween. It’s just not my thing but these Space Buns I would definitely wear for a fancy dress party! Double Buns are very on trend and so are these Space Buns. So let’s see how you can create them too.

Purple/Blue Hair

I just only discovered Instant Blush from Schwarzkopf. It’s a semi permanent hair dye. You apply it best over half dried hair and do it in your shower as it can be a little messy. After 3 washes the colour will be gone. So this is the perfect way to test the waters with hair dye.

Instant Blush Ice

The Double Buns


  • make a middle parting.
  • clip one side out the way. Create a bun by twisting the hair and tying it up with an elastic band and secure any loose strands with some bobby pins.
  • repeat the same step on the other side.
  • tuck and pull on your buns to get some more volume and you’re done.
  • take some hairspray to make sure the hair style lasts all night/day long.


I love how the purple/blue peaks through here and there. Adding the sunglasses made it even a better look in my opinion. Would you were this look out and about or to a fancy dress party? If this isn’t quite the space buns you’re after, click here to see 4 different ways to do amazing space buns!

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