It’s all about that Coconut Life

I love the scent of coconut but what I even love more is all the benefits you get from this tropical fruit. With all it’s minerals and saturated fats it is a very healthy allrounder for your life. Now, you can use it to cook, eat it or like me lather it all over your body. Here are some of the things I use in my beauty regime and everyday life all containing coconut.

Cold pressed coconut oil (hair mask)

This literally is pure coconut goodness. I get mine from the supermarket and although it’s from the cooking section I use it mostly on my hair. It makes a very nursing hair mask. I use cold pressed coconut oil because that means all the healthy minerals and saturated fats don’t get damaged and remain in the oil. So I take a couple off tablespoons of the coconut oil and spread it all over my hair. Massage the scalp and distribute the product evenly through right to the ends of my hair, then I usually leave it on over night (I cover it with a plastic bag to prevent getting coconut all over my bed). It gives the oil time to really sink in to my hair. But if I’m in a hurry I try to leave it on for at least an hour or two.Then washing it out and shampooing my hair just as usual.

CoCo LoCo  Blow & Go

Since speaking of hair. I recently started to us the CoCo LoCo Blow & Go from Lee Stafford. It’s basically a leave in conditioner and gives you all the benefits like a normal conditioner, makes your hair smooth and shiny and you don’t have to wash it out! Because it contains coconut oil it’s extra nourishing and really moisturizes your hair to the max. This products gives me good looking hair for days and I definitely continue using it not only because it smell yummy but it leaves my hair looking healthy an beautiful.

Coconut Infused Nail Paints

Let me tell you these nail polish are the best! Not only come they in beautiful colours  but they also do good to your nails. You basically get a two in one deal. The Coconut Infusion Nail Paints from Barry M condition your nails whilst giving you a lovely manicure and you don’t even need a base coat because of all thee benefits this nail polish gives you. Here you can see the colours Skinny Dip and Surfboard. Containing coconut oil and coconut water they nourish and hydrate your nails. Now you know I love my nail polish but those ones went to the top of my favourites list literally the first time I used them! They are a lot of fun, good for your nails, beautiful colours and you will never get a manicure that quick and easy again.

Coconut Hand Creame

And I guess going hand in hand with my nail paints is my coconut hand cream from Body Shop. I carry it around in my bag since it is a cute size. I am not the one to get very dry hands but when I feel the need to give them some extra attention I always go back to my coconut hand cream. Not only do my hands smell delicious afterwards but it absorbs quite quick and doesn’t leave my hands all oily or sticky.

Well those are all the products I have currently at home and I guess my collection will continue to grow.  Whenever I see a new product with coconut as an ingredient I want to try it out and most of the times I have to buy it. Because you can never have to much coconut in your life.

Thanks for stopping by lovelies and giving it a read. I hope it was what you where looking for and if you like my blog why not subscribe to it. Have a lovely day and get yourself some coconut, xx


3 responses to “It’s all about that Coconut Life”

  1. Sarah says:

    Dear Lea,
    first of all, lovely blogpost! I can definitely relate to your passion to coconut oil…it’s like a magic cure for everything ♥

    Xx Sarah