It’s time for a change, say hello to “the lea edit”

As you can tell from the title and may have noticed on my blog too, I have a new name: the lea edit.

It’s been on my mind for some time now, but I felt like my blog name “A Snippet of Life” didn’t suit me anymore. Don’t get me wrong for over 4 years now, the name has served me well. It was the perfect match for my blog as it allowed me to write about anything, like the name says: any snippets of my life could be documented here.

the lea edit

But for the last months, I felt like the name belonged to another stage of my life. I started blogging at University and kept going through internships, my first full-time job and moving flats a few times in the process. Now I am living with my boyfriend, still working in my first full-time job but somehow it feels like I’ve entered a new stage of my life.

Not so long I changed my Instagram name and this gave me somewhat the idea for my new blog name. Cause if you have a blog or business of your own, you know choosing a name for your brand is hardly ever easy.

The lea edit

new blog the lea edit

In hopes that I’ll be blogging for a long time coming, I wanted a name that had some part of my actual name in it. Because let’s face it I am my own brand, my blog is me. After trying around with different combinations, I settled with It’ll still allow me to write anything I wanna share here on the blog from fashion to travel or anything beauty related. It’ll still be a lifestyle blog.

I am excited to create some new content as it’s starting to feel more like my space again and it might give me some new purpose to stick to a schedule to have regularly some post online for you.

So without rambling on for to long on the topic of changing my blog name, I hope you will stay and see where this blog takes me for the next 4 years and hopefully more.


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