Let’s make Ice Tea

I’m currently on holiday but I still have a new recipe for you lovelies. The other day I made my own Ice Teas. I really fancied a cool refreshing drink in this hot weather and what better way as to do your own home made Ice Tea to slurp in the sun!


I will tell you how to do a home made Lemon and Mint Ice Tea and a Nectarine Ice Tea. You need 1 lemon, a couple of peppermint sprigs, some honey, black tea leaves and 4 nectarines and lots of ice.


Now onto the Lemon and Mint Ice Tea: Slice up the lemon and put them and the peppermint sprigs into a big jug. Fill the jug 1/4 up with hot water then add cold water until the jug is half full. Now add 1 to 3 table spoons of honey. Add the honey to your liking, the more you add the sweeter the Ice Tea will get. Give it all a mix and let it sit for a while. Then add lots of ice and some more water to top it all up. Give it all a good stir and enjoy your home made Lemon and Mint Ice Tea.


The Nectarine Ice Tea starts off with a tea bag of black tea in a jug. Fill 1/4 off it with hot water. Let it sit for at least 5-10 min. Peal the nectarines and throw them in a blender. Mix until you have a juice like consistency. By now the tea bag should be out off the jug. Add the nectarine juice to the black tea and top it up to 2/3 with water. Add a couple of tea spoons of sugar or honey. Give it all a good stir and fill the rest of the jug with lots of ice. Give it another stir and your Nectarine Ice Tea is ready to be drunken.

I enjoyed mine in the sun, reading a book and sunbathing. They kept me cool and refreshed.


 Now it’s over to you, to get ready and do some Ice Teas. And don’t forget they make the perfect addition to your summer parties. It doesn’t have to be Lemon and Mint or Nectarine Ice Tea you can experiment with so many different herbs and fruits. Just have a little fun and it will turn out delicious and tasty.

I wish you a lovely day with hopefully some sun and fun, xx


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