London Haul

The long expected London Haul is here! I have been shopping quite a bit and today I’m going to show you some of the bits I got. Without me rambling on how amazing London is for shopping and how many things we can’t get here in Switzerland, let’s just see what I got.

Cloth & Accessoires

Well I am not going to show you all the cloth I bought. Firstly some are in the wash and one or two I already covered in a previous post, like this one feat. my fave new stripy dress! But I do have some bits to show you here from my London Haul. I was in dear need of a new phone case and where better to go than to Skinny Dip! They have the coolest, fanciest, most amazing stuff and I am so glad I got hold of this pink glittery phone case! My boyfriend described it as a really girly phone case and now he doesn’t wanna hold my phone anymore (lol).

Now the following picture is of my new bag. First I wasn’t sure to include it as I don’t wanna come across as showing of but I decided to show her to you anyways. I have been saving up for my Mulberry Bag for ages now and it was kind of an graduation gift from me to me. I have been looking at a few bags from Mulberry but I always seemed to come back to this gorgeous burgundy bag. And as soon as I had my hands on it in the store I knew this was the one (omg it sounds so cheese). It’s the perfect size (see it here in action) and I can fit everything for an day out and about in it, including my DSLR!

Ever since I saw the embroidered slippers from D&G, I knew I had to get my hands on some dupes. Primark saved the day with these hella cute slippers. You can’t say anything for 10£ and they are comfy too. Not sure if I will be wearing them around the office or just like normal shoes. We will see. For the other cloth, me and my sister had a snoop around in Brandy Melville and I got this cute brallette and this beauty of a top. The quality of both items is amazing and the neckless hold up very well too. I have been wearing them nonstop.

Skin & Hair Care

If you wanna see all the makeup I got, click here. Other than that, I stocked up on my fave powder from Soap and Glory (one heck of a blot). It’s the best powder ever and I get so much use out of it. Whilst looking at some other Soap and Glory products I had a sniff of this body scrub. It’s with brown sugar, lime, almond oil and macadamia grains. And it smells heavenly and does wonders to my body. Using it leaves me with very smooth and hydrated skin. I’m really glad I got it. Oh and I had to buy some Batiste dry shampoo. We have it here in Switzerland too but it’s a cheaper in the UK and you have so many different scents to choose from.

Homeware & Books

I knew I had to get myself some new candles and maybe some other homeware bits. In the end there were two candles from Primark and a cute tea cup (kindly bought by my bf) from tiger. The candles smell amazing and I don’t know how long I can keep my hands of them. As soon as we get colder days, I will lite them. The tea mug, I got already some good use out of it! Isn’t it just so beautiful and perfect for autumn?!


I had one book on my list but since finishing my degree my love for reading has come back in full swing! So I bought not one but two books from one of my fave authors Cassandra Clare. I love her shadowhunter series and have to read just every book there is about them. Now the special edition of Harry Potter and the Philosopher Stone I bought out of pure sentimentality. Harry Potter has been a huge part of my childhood and I just had to get it! Conveniently I also got a “Don’t let the muggles get you down” mug from Primark. They look even prettier when paired together – yay.

So this is almost everything I got. Please keep in mind I have been saving up for my London trip for ages. Whenever I get to go the UK I stock up on the things that you can’t get in Switzerland. And honestly I just love shopping. I hope you liked my London Haul. Let me know what you would get in the comments down below.

Have a great weekend my lovelies and don’t forget to follow me on here and my other social media:  Bloglovin’ / Instagram / Twitter / FB (I will be forever thankful!). xx

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10 responses to “London Haul”

  1. Jenny says:

    Looks like you did well! Love batiste it can be a lifesaver

  2. Leian says:

    Awesome read! You nabbed some eat stuff 🙂

  3. Sophia says:

    Those Primark slipper dupes are gorgeous! You got some really nice things x

    Sophia x

  4. Nicole says:

    Looks like shopping in London is awesome! My favorite are the books and Harry Potter mug!

  5. Helene says:

    I love shopping whenever i visit a big city. Wish i could visit London any time soon. I love your slippers and the candles a lot. As for your Mulberry bag, its just amazing! Great collection Lea!