making your home feel cosy for autumn

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The leaves are turning red, brown, golden. The mornings are getting darker and the temperature is just enough cold that you need your coat and scarf in the morning but come afternoon a walk in the sun with just a wooly jumper is enough. Once autumn arrives I like to give my home a little refresh. A candle more here, some dried flowers over there, maybe a new picture on the wall – all to make my home feel as cosy as possible as I long for those colder days where you just take your favourite book from the shelf, light that candle and have a nosy.

home feel cosy for autumn

I find you can make such a difference to a room with small changes. So I thought, I’d show you mine.

woody scents and candle light for that cosy vibe

Whilst on my lunch run, I made a quick stop at the Rituals shop cause I thought I’ve seen my fave scent from last year’s collection. And low and behold, they had some stock left of last year’s limited Christmas edition. For the colder month, I love a more woody, earthy scent around the flat. Some of my fave candles are: Rituals – Precious Amber, Diptyque – Amber, Diptyque – Pomander

home feel cosy with candles

warm colours on your couch and in your home

Reflecting the colours of autumn in your home is very easy. Just change out your cushion covers, add a different throw. Making your sofa into an auburn, orange, red, and golden brown sensation. Or maybe add in some green too for good measure. Once I changed my pillow covers it immediately felt more like autumn in my home. Also, I find that dried flowers go very well with this time of year! I like adding one or two bunches in a pretty vase and place them around my flat. My favourite at the moment is any kind of reed.

I found my pillow cases at IKEA and the dried flowers are a collection from different stores. I heard Etsy is a good place, your local flower shops or you just go out and collect some wild flowers and let them dry.

Anything you wanna know about my pictures? Here is a blog post on all of them, where to get them and so on.

Does your home feel cosy yet?

It doesn’t take a lot to make your home feel cosy and autumnal. A small change here and there and it feels like a new home. I do love changing up my interior decor anyways so this was the best excuse ever to add some new bits and get some old ones out of their box. Whilst writing this, I have my candles lit and my favourite Spotify playlist on. Looking out my window I see the trees in all their glory with their leaves in bright orange, red and yellow colours.


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