Monochrome Nail Art

I hadn’t time to do a crazy nail art design because of exam week but I couldn’t leave my nails bare for another whole week. So I dug out my striping tape and did a monochrome nail art design.

Take a base colour (mine was a withe nail polish from BarryM Coconut) and paint 4 nails on each hand. Wait until the nail polish has dried completely so we can get to the fun part. Cut up some stripes and place them on 1 nail on each hand or you can go crazy and do as many nails as you like. Press them down firmly. Take a small paint brush and fill every other space with the black nail polish. Tare off the striping tape right after applying the black nail polish. Any doggy lines: Just go in with the paint brush and some of the white nail polish to correct the lines.


There should be one nail left on each nail. Take a gold nail polish and paint the nails. Cover all nails with your favourite top coat and you’re good to go.



I hope you like my post as much as I had doing my nails. The monochrome nail art styles are really starting to grow on me. If you like what I write hit that follow/subscribe button or leave a like or comment. I’m now off to a hopefully relaxing weekend after all those exams.

Have a nice day everyone, xx



4 responses to “Monochrome Nail Art”

  1. They’re amazing! xx