My quick and easy Skincare Routine

This January I got a really exciting package with some new-in skincare from La Mer. Since then they have become a firm favourite of mine and I don’t wanna know what I’ll be doing once my concentrate and face cream run out! So I thought why not give you my updated skincare routine altogether and showcase my new products.

La Mer – The concentrate

But before we jump into it. I just quickly wanted to mention that La Mer is a high-end skincare and beauty brand and their products cost a small fortune. I feel very lucky to be able to give them a whirl and if you have the chance to do so I would totally recommend that you do so!

La Mer has launched their new concentrate. Of course, the key ingredient is their Miracle Broth™ and you actually can use the concentrate on any body part where you need some extra help. I ended up using it on my face as part of my daily skincare routine. After a wash in the morning, I apply a small amount directly on my face and gently massage it in. My skin immediately feels plumper and smoother! Also, it helps to give your skin a boost when it has been too long in the sun or after a day in cold, windy, snowy weather. It basically is a miracle worker.

La Mer – Moisturizing Soft Cream

As a little treat La Mer also sent me their all-time favourite Moisturizing Soft Cream. I heard so many people (bloggers/ influencers) talk about it and was well chuffed when I opened my package and this one was inside. It supposed to deeply replenishes your skin for beautifully glowing radiance. And it just delivers what it says! It feels so light on my skin and the makeup glides on like dream afterward. I can’t remember when I had a face cream that left me feeling as if I didn’t have anything on. Plus my skin doesn’t get greasy during the day.

Glossier – Balm Dotcom

For my dear lips I have been using Glossier cherry balm dotcom for the last few months and it’s just the best. Keeping my lips hydrated and the cherry balm gives my lips a slight tint of red. Just recently I got the coconut one too and what can I say, I already want another one, maybe the birthday cake balm dotcom?

Garnier – Face Mask

I’ve been getting into the habit of using one or two face masks per week depending on how stressed my skin feels. Garnier is a from favourite of mine. Especially their tissue masks moisture bomb pomegranate and the super-hydrating re-balancing one. I love to end an evening with my tissue masks, it has something so relaxing taking care of your body and taking 15 min out of your day for it.

Mugler – Alien

One of my all time fave perfumes is Alien by Mugler. Day or night, it’s always a great choice and I sometimes get a compliment or two when wearing it.

Quick and easy skincare

So this is what I do on a daily, weekly basis to keep my skin in the best condition possible. I try to keep it as simple as I can. One serum, one face cream and one lip treatment for the day and during the week one or two face masks.

It would be interesting to know how your skincare routine looks like? Tell me in the comments down below and don’t forget to follow me on my social media  Instagram and Twitter. For anyone interested I’ll leave my old face routine post here.


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