Nail art #daisynails

The other day my package from WAH Nails arrived. With the nail tools they sent me their book with 50 nail designs. And oh was I inspired. It was so hard to choose since I  immediately wanted to do so many of the designs. But since the sun came out, I went with the daisies.



Those are the only products you need for this dainty little design. Paint the nails with your base coloure. I used stylconomics from Essie. For the daisies start off by placing 5 white dots for the petals. Then with a toothpick draw a small line halfway into each dot. Now  take a yellow nail polish and place a dot in the middle of the flower. And there you have your daisy. Here’s a step by step picture to give you a better idea how I did the daisies.



I hope you like the design I recreated from the WAH Nails Books. It does take up some more time than the usual manicure but seeing the result, it definitely was worth it. 

Thanks for stopping by and have a nice day, xx


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