Nail art #glamnails

Today I felt like doing my nails once again. Still in love with Essie’s bahama mama and so I couldn’t resist painting it on once again. Seriously, I’ve been wearing this coloure for two weeks straight. But recently I acquired some new nail studs and charms. And I thought what better way to create a design with them on some nails.


First I did my nail care regime. Then I proceeded to to paint all my nails but the ring finger with my berry nail polish. For my ring finger I used to different nail art studs, square rhinestones and tiny silver balls.




I started off by placing three square rhinestones at the bottom, near my cuticle area. Then I formed the triangle with the silver balls around them. I used nail glue to secure the charms on my nails. Further I placed another three squares and added some more silver balls between them. Finishing the design off with some top coat and some cuticle oil and there I had my simple but all so glamorous manicure.

A tip: if you don’t want to use nail glue to secure the studs, you can simply use a top coat. I just prefer the glue because it tends to make the design last much longer. And before I start glueing the nail charms on my nails, I always lay out the design before me. This way I know how it will look at the end and don’t have to bother with messing it up straight away on my nails.

Here are some close ups of the ring finger…



Hope you enjoyed my little post on my latest design and thanks for stopping by, xx



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