Nail art #mermaidnails

Wanna know how to turn your nails in to mermaid nails? Keep on reading…

First paint your nails in different colours of blue similar to what I have done with mine. Since the sea can occur in many other colours I felt like adding a little pink to my middle finger and paint my thumb completely with a pink glitter nail varnish.

When the polish has dried completely, start creating fun designs on each nail. On the thumb, index, middle and ring finger I used half circles to make it look like fish scale, reminding me of a mermaids tail. To add something extra I drew some starfish on my index and little finger. To do the nail art I used my white nail art pen and for the other colours I used the blues and the pink with a toot pick to draw the design. You can vary the designs to your own preference and add some other cool sea related nail art like sea shells or fish.


Seal all your designs in with a top coat of your choice to make the nail art last as long as possible. I hope you liked my take on the mermaid nails. Go crazy with your mermaid nails and hopefully enjoy them as much as I do mine. Have a nice day, xx


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