Nail art #RedandGoldNails

Time to do some nail art again. I found some striping tape and decided to try out a new design. And this is how it turned out.

I painted all my nails except the ring finger red. For the ring finger I went with a gold glitter polish. Now on to the nail art. On the index finger I created a cross with the striping tape and on the ring finger two lines. Then I filled in the space. For the index finger I used the gold nail polish and for therein finger I went with my red coloure.

Since I was in the mood of trying new things I drew a diamond on my thumb. With a toothpick I painted as thin as possible the lines for the diamond. If you’re not that used to nail art, practice on a paper or a fake nail and when your satisfied move on to your nail. Seal in all the designs with some top coat and you’re ready to go. Remember when you don’t like the coloures just use other ones. There are so many cool combinations.

Thanks for stopping by and hopefully I provided you with a little inspiration for your own designs. xx


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