Simple Spring Nails

The last month I went to Berlin with my boyfriend and I couldn’t leave this beautiful city without some new nail polish. Since we traveled only with hand luggage I had to limit myself quite a bit and not go crazy buying lots and lots of new nail varnish.

Anyway for my first nail art design I chose a lovely light blue nail polish from p2. I went with a easy design which wouldn’t need much time to create but would still look impressive. And I decided to add some studs on.



I freehanded the nail art. First step is to cover your nails with a base coat. Then taking the light blue nail polish, paint 3/4 of the nails with it. I tried to get a straight line as possible. If you have any problems with it, just use some striping tape to get a clean line. For the little extra pop I added with some topcoat silver studs onto the lines. As the last step cover your nail art with the topcoat and you’re ready to go.


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3 responses to “Simple Spring Nails”

  1. Kem Trị Mụn says:

    awesome! thanks for sharing!