Skills I learnt from blogging

I love looking back and seeing the progress I’ve made since I started this blog. The main idea for this post comes from the job interview I had a couple of weeks back. As I sat there talking about my skills and what my blog is about etc. I realized that I learnt quite a few new skills thanks to blogging. By the way I got the internship and I couldn’t be happier!


I guess this one is my biggest achievement. I took photos before on my phone and on cameras but never on this level. Over the last year, I learnt how to us my DSLR and how to get the best out of it. It’s so much fun playing around with it and seeing the results I get once I get the hang of it.

But like everybody knows you don’t always or hardly ever have the perfect condition to shoot with. So Photoshop has helped me a lot. Before going into blogging, I’ve never used Photoshop before. I just went on to the internet and used some free photo editing sites. Now I’m so happy that I’ve put in the time and effort to lear how to use Photoshop. Don’t get me wrong, I’m still learning but like I feel, I’ve got the basics down now.

Just have a look at these pictures and you can just tell how much I improved. Haven’t I?! The lighting, editing, angle of shooting the pictures, everything has changed. And Photoshop has for sure helped along with it.


I don’t know if you’ve noticed but English isn’t my first language. I made the conscious decision to write my blog in English so I won’t loose what I learnt. And it’s just a beautiful language anyways! From my first blog post and now, I find my writing has evolved quite a bit. Anyways, besides that my style of writing has changed too. It’s not so stiff anymore, as in I throw some questions in there, a joke or just write as you would say it out loud.

Promoting content

With this one I have been really late to the party! Now I wished I had put a lot more effort in from the start. I only started to really, really push my content and get it out there last autumn. But since then I’ve learnt a lot. Somewhere I’ve read that you should put 20% of your time into creating content and then 80% of your time should be used to promote your content. I’m nowhere near this percentage of promoting my blog but for sure I do it a lot more than I used to. I use apps like Hootsuite to schedule my tweets, participate in twitter chats, promote my blog on Facebook groups and Pinterest is my new best friend! Honestly I love Pinterest, I can get lost init like for hours. And I have to say my promotion skills made a big improvement on my numbers. The page views have gone steadily up every month.

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So these are some skills I learnt or how blogging improved some of my skills. I love how blogging brought so many things into my life. Not only is there an amazing blogging community but doing what I love has given me a new set of skills too.

On that note, I have a full section of blog posts which show you how to improve your blogging skills. What have your improvements been since you started your blog? Let me know in the comments down below.

Have a beautiful day my lovelies, xx.

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27 responses to “Skills I learnt from blogging”

  1. Michelle says:

    I think the 20% creating and 80%promoting is very true

  2. Helene says:

    You are doing a great work with your blog and i really enjoy reading your posts. I love your photos also. Hope i can use my DSLR the best that i can as soon as possible. English is not my mother language as well.

    • Lea says:

      Thanks so much Helene. Reading up on some basics on how to get the most out of your DSLR helped me the best. xx

  3. lashaun says:

    I’m new to blogging as well. It’s encouraging to see that the skills grow the more you do it. Your blog is really nice! Thanks for posting.

  4. Johanne says:

    Congratulations on getting the internship! And these are definitely skills you’ll learn while blogging. English isn’t my first language either, but I’m blogging in English (and Dutch) anyway. It’s a good challenge!

  5. Through blogging my photography has improved. It may still not be perfect, but its come a long way since I started.
    Alicia x

    • Lea says:

      Same with me when I look back I almost wanna burst out in laughter but instead of updating my pictures I’ll leave them to see my improvements. xx

  6. Akamatra says:

    I couldn’t agree more about the language point. I am not a native speaker but having the blog has almost turned me into one. Almost.

    • Lea says:

      I was on a really high level before but my blog just makes sure I’m keeping my English as fluent as possible. But so nice to see how many other actually write in a different language than their native. xx

  7. Rosie says:

    You’re doing great with the blog. Hope I can get my blog photos up to a high standard like yours.

  8. Claire says:

    I so much agree with you on these 3. I always love taking photos and promoting, but I knew my writing skills weren’t the best. Nowadays I get the feeling that I am getting better. 🙂

    • Lea says:

      You’re doing great girl. I think we never stop learning but it’s so nice once you get to a level where you’re really content with what you’re putting out there. xx

  9. Such a great post!! I have learnt so much from Blogging, so thankful for the growth it’s given me creatively!
    a life of a charlotte

  10. kerstin says:

    love this. blogging has taught me so much over the last few years – especially being confident in your work and sticking up for yourself (esp. when it comes to chasing payments)

    love, kerstin

  11. Parie Joshi says:

    Blogging is such an amazing way to learn so many new things! x

  12. finja says:

    hello hello 🙂
    yes, your photography improvement loos enormous! and it’s good to know that another blogger writes in their non-native language. I feel like it’s really more difficult for us but happy to see your success!
    x finja |

  13. Jess says:

    Wow great tips! I created my blog 2 years ago and although I’m happy with my current content, I still don’t really have a following- probably because i do’t promote it that much! These tips were super useful thank you! x

  14. You would have never guessed English isn’t your first language your so good! Love this post