Strawberry and Cream Cupcakes

With the summer nearing all the lovely berries start to appear again in our supermarkets. As it has been a while since my last baking post I thought I shared these strawberry and cream cupcakes I did last weekend. They not only look adorable and cute, they were sweet and delicious!

I got the recipe from CupcakeJemma’s Youtube channel. You need for the cupcakes:

125g self raising flour, 125g caster sugar

125g unsalted butter, soft, 1/4 tsp bicarbonate of soda

1/4 tsp vanilla extract, 2 large free range eggs

1 1/2 tbs whole milk, 2-4 tbs strawberry jam


Create with all the ingredients listed above, except the strawberry jam, a smooth and fluffy cupcake mixture. When you have your cupcake mix, add the strawberry jam. Mix it in by hand with a spatchler. Just give the mixture two tree whisks, creating a marble effect. Now take your cupcake tray and fill them up to 3/4 of it. Bake them in the offen for about 18 min. Then take them out and let them cool down.


Meanwhile we can do the topping for our cupcakes. On to the icing, mix 100g soft and unsalted butter, 225 g icing sugar, 2 tbs double cream, and 1 tbs nature yoghurt together. When everything is nicely combined , whisk the icing for another 5 min. Then take your strawberry jam, add 2-3 tbs of jam in to the icing just like we did with the cupcake mixture to get a marble effect or play around with some colour like I did.

Fill the icing in a piping bag. Decorate your cooled cupcakes with it and your done. Maybe add some strawberries as a little extra and they’re finished! What’s left, is to take a big bite off that lovely strawberry and cream cupcake and enjoy it!



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Have a lovely day and weekend, xx



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