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The cutest Hair Bow ever #HairTutorial

The cutest Hair Bow ever #HairTutorial

How to do a Hair Bow

I like to have my hair out of my face when doing work but I like to do it with style and with this Hair Bow you don’t have to worry about your hair getting in your way at all. It’s such a cute hair style and done in just 4 steps.

How to do a Hair Bow:


  • Grab the top section of your hair and tie it together with a see-through hair tie. Just don’t pull the hair the whole way through at the end. Stop mid way.
  • Part the hair loop und pull them gently apart.
  • Try to keep the two loops parted. Either use your hand or some hair pins. Now take some of the loose ends and wrap them around the paring. Secure the hair strand with some bobby pins.
  • Your hair bow might look a little sad first but no worries just take some more bobby pins and adjust the hair bow to your liking.




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