The Ritual of Chado – Rituals limited summer range

A couple of weeks back I was invited to my very first blogger event and it was not only a lovely experience but the new products that were introduced to me have taken my heart! The ritual of chado is Rituals limited summer range. Its core ingredients are matcha and bamboo. Doesn’t that combination just sound lovely to you? So let’s get a closer look.

Harmony and mindfulness

Before we got a closer look at the products we were invited to have a seat at the table and witness a lovely tea ceremony present by a Japanese lady. There we learned about harmony and mindfulness such a tea ceremony has and that actually is what inspired the whole range. To bring a quiet moment into your everyday life. The matcha powder is part of the “ritual of Chado” range. Now, that I know how to make myself a matcha tea, I often reach for it as an energy boost. And for days when I don’t have as much time, I reach for the green tea bags.

The Ritual of Chado foaming shower gel and body mist

The ritual of Chado body mist and foaming shower gel, two things that are now part of my daily skin care regime. In the morning I spray the body mist all over me and into my hair. I love the smell of it. So fresh and energizing! You can actually smell the bamboo and matcha. The foaming shower gel is such a cool product and I love using it, whenever I shower. It leaves me feeling extra fresh with its uplifting and clean scent.

The Ritual of Chado Body Scrub and Cream

Once or twice a week I reach for my matcha and bamboo sugar scrub. It’s very gentle and leaves your skin so soft. Since it’s made with sugar it has no microbeads and isn’t harmful to the environment. I like that you can add just a little bit of water to make you srub more gentle or just don’t use any water at all for a more rough scrub. After a good scrub down my skin leaches after moisture and that’s when the body cream comes in very handy. Like every other product, it just smells amazing. I could lather it on and on until you only see cream. It sinks into the skin very nicely and after a minute or so I can already jump into my cloth.

A little help for your feet

Now this package I didn’t actually try out myself. I gifted it to my mum as I know she loves a good foot peeling kit. And low and behold it is just as amazing as it sounds. First, you make yourself a foot bath with a specially infused teabag, then you rub your feet with the pumish stone and lastly, you use the foot cream to give your feet a nice little massage and moisture. My mum was very impressed and said her feet never felt that smooth!

The dream team matcha and bamboo

I must say, Rituals have outdone themselves again with this range. Not only do I love every product and I’m actually using them in my daily routine (help the foaming shower gel is about to run out already!) but they really deliver with what they promise. The key ingredients bamboo and matcha have energizing benefits and vitalizing for your skin and body. I know that I probably gonna have to buy myself another or maybe even two “the ritual of Chado body mists” and a sugar scrub for sure.

How about you? Are you a fan of Rituals? Or maybe you already got your hands on their new summer range? Tell me in the comments down below. Don’t forget to follow me on my social media  Instagram and Twitter.


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